Invite to Enumerate Our Feathered Friends: Big Bird Day 2011

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Leading environmental and birding groups in Delhi invite all of you to join us on 13th February, 2011 (Sunday) for the BIG BIRD DAY 2011. On this day, different teams comprising birding enthusiasts will cover different parts of the Delhi city and around (and even other parts of the country), to inventorize a list of sighted birds. The idea is to record as many bird species for the day as we see. The tally would be of all the teams to see how many species we get collectively. Interested citizens can join any of the teams mentioned below. Two years ago the count was 227, last year it was 225.

Some results from earlier years:

  • 2010, 14th March – 225 species
  • 2009, 22nd February – 227 species
  • 2008, 24th February – 203 species
  • 2006, 12th November – 183 species
  • 2006, 22nd February – 236 species
  • 2005, 13th March – 271 species
  • 2004, 22nd February – 236 species

Students and professionals living in and around the University of Delhi are invited to join in the Big Bird Day team covering the Kamala Nehru Ridge and the DU area. (Assemble at 0700 hours at Vishwa Vidyalaya Metro Station). Also joining the Ridge will be Kanwar B. Singh and Dr. Singh from the Yamuna Biodiversity Park. This year, the idea is also to keep the event green and carrying out “Green Birding” to minimizing the adverse environmental impacts of birding (and our lifestyle) and maximizing the positive ones.

The ‘Big Bird Day 2011’ will therefore also be showcase our commitment towards reducing carbon footprint of modern lifestyle as well as from birding activities. Therefore, instead of chasing birds and driving to hotspot after hotspot, this year, in order to reduce the carbon footprint, birders are encouraged to derive satisfaction from finding birds within certain enforced parameters.

An appeal from noted birders to prospective participants for a ‘green’ Big Bird Day:

  • No use of personal motor vehicles/ taxis, and instead of that rely on Public transport (Metro, Buses and Cycle Rickshaws), bicycles or walk
  • Birding with minimal disturbance to birds and/or their habitat
  • Do not generate and leave behind non-biodegradable waste material which should be strictly avoided while birding

Download birds checklist

BIG BIRD DAY 2011 Teams

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