Discover Delhi: A Series of Excursions to the City of Cities by Delhi Greens

(Too early to complain about your blistered feet, O Mir. Delhi is yet far away, hold a while.)

Delhi – the city of cities, the city of djinns, the city of lost souls and found glories – conceals within itself many an untold stories. One of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, Delhi has served as the capital of several empires. It is a city of long, intriguing histories; deep, rich culture; and a vibrant, pulsating present. Today, the city contains within it the remnants of several capital cities. The past, the present, and the future appear to live simultaneously in its streets and boulevards.

From the narrow by-lanes of Chandni Chowk to the wide, tree lined avenues of Lutyen’s Delhi; from the swanky malls of South Delhi to the bustling street markets all over the city, and from magnificent forts and palaces to divine, spiritual places of worship, the city has something for everyone. The political capital of India, Delhi is also the heart of the country’s administration.

Delhi Greens brings you Discover Delhi — a series of excursions in and around Delhi that are aimed at discovering the many facets of the city that close to 17 million people call home. Over the next six months, Delhi Greens invites the citizens of Delhi to explore this splendid city – one landmark at a time. As part of the Discover Delhi series, we hope to visit one interesting place in the city every week in the coming months.

Delhi Greens would like to extend to you a cordial invitation to join us on this journey to explore, learn and reacquaint yourself with the culture, history and nature of this great city. Keep following this Blog to find out where we are headed next. See you in the city!

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