Environmental News and Media Roundup for Week 17, 2013

Weekly environmental news roundup from across different media networks for Week 17 (starting April 22,  2013) 2013.

1. Weak law enforcement and apathy defeat efforts to save capital

Govind Singh, the director of Delhi Greens, says that along with passing rules, the government needs to sensitize people. “Delhiites need to understand that if they are being asked not to cut trees or not to throw e-waste into bins, it is not just for the benefit of the tree or for waste collectors.

2. Kids celebrate Earth Day with Sheila

Over 4,000 children from across 400 schools in the city gathered at Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s residence on Friday to participate in the grand carnival organised by the Delhi Government to mark the culmination of Earth Week-2013.

3. Delhi can’t outlive the river it is so desperate to choke

The unfortunate story of the Yamuna keeps getting worse. Last week, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) had put out a public notice in newspapers asking for suggestions and objections to the proposed modification in its zone ‘O’, a highly protected river precinct where no construction whatsoever is allowed.

4.  Electronic surveillance of tiger movement to be put in place

Government will put in place safeguards including ‘e-surveillance’ of tiger movement for preventing the death of big cats due to train hits.

5. Green tribunal orders de-concretisation of trees in Delhi

The National Green Tribunal has served notices to 14 authorities directing them to remove all boards, nails and advertisements from trees falling under their jurisdictions and has directed the authorities to de-concretise the trees.

6. Delhi yet to find its place under the sun

If data from the India Meteorological Department were to be believed, Delhi gets 350 days of sunshine in a year. Going by that figure and considering the energy rut the country is in, the city should have had in place adequate solar power infrastructure to meet its energy requirement.

7. Tribunal lens on floodplains encroachment

Acting upon allegations that various state government officials have connived with the land mafia to help usurp large tracts of the floodplains of Yamuna and Hindon rivers and the failure of developmental authorities in curbing the menace, the National Green Tribunal has ordered the Noida Authority, GDA, and Ghaziabad Municipal Council to come clear on the charges.

8. Changing seasons: Google Doodle’s perception of Earth Day

Google celebrated the 43rd Earth Day on Monday by doodling the change of seasons through another animated and interactive Google Doodle. The doodle was widely appreciated not only for of its initiative but also for how in a unique and creative way it managed to capture the essence of Earth’s ecosytems, its four seasons and its wildlife’s natural habitat.

9. Children who took part in TOI-CEE initiative to think of ideas to save Sabarmati unleashed a green vision

For the many children, aged between five and 12 years, who had gathered at the lush green campus of the Centre for Environment Education (CEE) with their paintbrushes, it was an opportunity to splash their imagination on what they wished to see of the otherwise dry and polluted Sabarmati riverbed

10.  Save energy, paint the town green

Ten years ago, the term green building would have meant the colour of the structure to most people. Today, India is on the perch of witnessing a green building revolution.

11. Four hydro projects await environmental clearances

Four hydro power projects, having a total generation capacity of 1,472 MW, are awaiting environmental clearances, Parliament was informed today.

Aastha Kukreti

Aastha Kukreti holds a Master’s degree in Environment Management and her areas of expertise range from waste management, pollution ecology, green audits, ecofeminism, environmental equity and social justice.

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