Monday Feature: Green News and Media Roundup for Week 01, 2015

Weekly environmental news roundup from across different media networks for week 01 (starting December 29, 2014) 2015.

1. Policy slow but city ready to tap the sun

Delhi may not have made solar rooftop systems mandatory for homes and commercial buildings as Haryana has, but the city is already in gear to maximize the capital’s solar output.

2. Life chirps in new biodiversity park

An expanse of degraded land near Jagatpur village in north Delhi has been transformed into a rich wetland habitat by five years of hard work and meticulous planning of scientists.

3. North India’s cities the most polluted, south’s cleanest

Almost all of the most polluted cities in India are located in the north with Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan dominating the list, according to a WHO report on the most polluted cities in the world published earlier this year.

4. All green buildings will get special logo in 2015

All green (environment friendly) buildings -identified on the basis of use of water-energy conservation methods, recycled materials, solar power, natural lighting and energy self-sufficiency -across the country will get special logo in the new year.

5. Jan 13-17 to be observed as Water Week

India will observe ‘Water Week’ during January 13-17, 2015 when every district of the country will launch a major central government backed initiative ¬ called Hamara Jal¬Hamara Jeewan (Our water-Our life) ¬ to make people aware of need for water conservation and brainstorm on future roadmap to manage water for growth.

6. ‘Hotels should have organic waste plants’

Union urban development minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Saturday pitched for making it mandatory for all restaurants and hotels to have an organic waste plant.

7. Pollutants making Taj yellow identified

India’s white marvel, the Taj Mahal, is slowly turning brownish-yellow because of air pollution, says an Indo-US study which also identifies the pollutants responsible for the effect.

8. Diesel gensets lose power as reforms start paying off

Diesel-fired gensets appear to be losing power as the mainstay of energy for commercial establishments and other large consumers as the Centre’s thrust on raising generation capacity and other reforms in the last few years begin to pay off by way of improved supply from the mains.

9. Go solar by Sept, Haryana tells flat, house owners

The Haryana government has decided to usher in the New Year with one of the biggest pushes for solar power in the country.

10. Waste from 40,000 km of drains choking holy river

More than 40,00km long drains and subsidiaries stretched over 5,000 km carrying industrial and urban waste of dangerous level while directly falling into the 1,300-km long stretch of the Ganga are choking the holy river and stalling all efforts to rejuvenate it.

11. Wasting water will soon cost you dear

Water may soon cease to be expensive. A cursory glance at the figures proposed in the New Water Policy clearly would suggest that you will now be charged according to what you consume.

12. Irrigation scheme to link villages to water sources

Seeking to save farmers from vagaries of monsoon, the government will soon launch its ambitious rural irrigation scheme by linking villages through nearest possible sources of water.

13. LSU Researchers discovered new method to convert Carbon Dioxide into Organic Compound

The researchers at Louisiana State University discovered a new method to convert Carbon Dioxide into an Organic Compound.

14. Tropical forests absorb more CO2 than thought: NASA

Tropical forests may be absorbing far more carbon dioxide in response to rising atmospheric levels of the greenhouse gas than many scientists had thought, a new NASA-led study has found.

Shilpi Chakravarty

Shilpi Chakravarty is an environmental professional with a master's degree in environmental studies from the University of Delhi. She works to use her professional skills for making the planet a better place to live on.

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