Another Apartment, Another Success Story: Sai Apartments Goes Zero Waste


Proud members of the Sai Apartments RWA, Rohini who have ensured proper segregation of waste and in-house composting of wet waste through an intervention from Scrapped.

Delhi Greens has been working to identify and promote holistic waste management solutions that can help reduce the city’s overflowing landfills. The idea is to find those initiatives that address the waste problem from all perspectives and not just one. One such initiative that is helping in providing total waste solution to apartments and RWAs is Scrapped.

Delhi Greens had earlier highlighted the Zero Waste success story of Oriental Apartments in Rohini, which was one of the first project of the Scrapped company. It has been approaching and implementing its total waste solutions in many other places. The most recent initiative of Scrapped can be now seen in Sai Apartments, another residential apartment in Rohini. Sai Apartments RWA has dedicated a specially created room for the in-house composting of wet waste and is ensuring proper segregation of waste at the household level.

Delhi Greens team visited Sai Apartments recently to develop an in-depth understanding of this RWA initiative. The apartment has maintained a closed structure near its main entrance which is the site for collection and subsequent disposal of all wet waste. The enclosure has above-ground pits for receiving the wet waste and holding it till the wet waste is converted into rich manure. The waste collector has also been oriented to collect the segregated waste separately and deposit the wet waste into this enclosure.

A discussion with the office-bearers of the Sai Apartments RWA brought out a common issue which is being faced in many parts of Delhi and urban India. This is the initial reluctance of individual households to segregate their waste in their houses. But the mostly retired-officials comprising Sai Apartments RWA office left no stone unturned to challenge the status quo. All the 345 households of Sai Apartments were visited by the members of the RWA office and convinced to initiate segregation as our contribution to protecting the environment of Delhi.

The sustained efforts made by the RWA made it possible for Sai Apartments to ensure that all its wet waste is composted within the premises of the Apartments. And all its dry waste is further segregated and is sent to the officially designated waste collection spot of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation. Thanks to an active MCD, now very concerned about waste management, all attempts are being made to adequately handle and recycle the dry waste after it reaches the official collection points.

Delhi Greens plans to visit Sai Apartments once again as a follow-up and for a more detailed discussion with its dynamic RWA office-bearers. Images by Rana K. Chauhan @r_kumbha007

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