7 Solar Lighting Diwali Gifts to give away this Year

diwali gifts

Diwali gifts this year need to be creative and in line with all that is going around us. Diwali is a festival to spread happiness and joy with the family especially with the elderly and children. The air pollution in Delhi this year is the worst that it has ever been in history. This makes buying or bursting firecrackers equivalent to hurting and murdering the elderly and children in your house.

There is anyways nothing Hindu about bursting firecrackers in Diwali, it was perhaps a marketing strategy introduced by the Chinese to sell their gunpowder! You can champion the green cause and present a future-saving gift to your family and friends. We present below 7 solar lighting gift items, handpicked just for you, that you can present as Diwali gifts and return the true glory of Deepawali.

1. Sun King Solar Lantern and Mobile Charger

solar mobile chargerSolar light and mobile charging without depending on the grid. This product is an ideal gift for the backpackers in your family! This brilliant lantern shines up to 40X brighter than kerosene lamp and packs high charging capacity for mobile devices, all thanks to its large battery, large solar panel and efficient LEDs.

Rs. 2,135 | Click here to buy on Amazon

2. Rocklight Solar Torch with Emergency Light

This solar torch (photo on top) charges brilliantly with both conventional power and solar power! The additional feature of Solar Charging is very useful when you are outside and cannot charge the torch with electric current. There is an in-built Solar panel for charging. This is very useful both in house and for outdoor activities such as Picnic and Hiking. It has a two-way switch so you can choose Emergency light or the Torch and a Nylon Strap for effective handling.

Rs. 599 | Click here to buy on Amazon

3. IFITech Decorative Solar Camping Lantern

This solar camping lantern is uniquely designed to look good in any setting. The internal rechargeable battery will be charged by sunlight during daytime and can also be charged with micro USB cable that comes with it. The brightness level can be easily adjusted with a touch control switch. It is designed to be soft, stable and non-flickering and is friendly on your eyes. It can be hang almost anywhere.

Rs. 850 | Click here to buy on Amazon

4. DNEXT LED Solar Lantern

solar lanternSolar powered and rechargeable lantern with bright LED to give you bright light and can be used at home and outdoors. Also makes a good night lamp or patio lamp. It gives 360 degree light output and lumens the entire area around. In addition to the solar panel, it can also be charged with a mobile phone charger.

Rs. 270 | Click here to buy on Amazon

5. Eye Bhaskar Solar Bulb with Charger

Eye Bhaskar is a beautifully designed light for walkway, driveway and other outdoor lighting needs. It is portable and comes with comfortable handle and strap, which makes it durable and safe to carry. It is also water resistant and shock proof.

Rs. 365 | Click here to buy on Amazon

6. SKP Solar Emergency Lighting System

This is for gifting to the budding engineers in your family! The SKP Solar Emergency Lighting System comes with all that you need to set up an Emergency Lighting System in your house! It can be mounted on wall, placed on floors or on any platform and can be carried by hand. Smart and real time displays of charging condition, battery condition, and also fault condition (over loads) are part of this kit.

Rs. 1,800 | Click here to buy on Amazon

7. Kit4Curious Solar Educational DIY Kit

On the topic of Education, here is an excellent gift for the younger ones, to introduce them to the wonder of solar energy. It is a 3 in 1 solar energy conversion with 1) Solar to light, 2) Solar to sound and 3) Solar to mechanical energy Do-it-Yourself (DIY) experiment for children. A great gift for promoting solar, science, education and environment!

Rs. 338 | Click here to buy on Amazon

Care has been taken to ensure that none of the products listed above is made in China. If any reader come across any information on the Chinese origing of these products, please bring it to our notice by clicking here.

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