Top 10 Things to Help Delhi if You Win the Lottery

Money is power in the world that we live in. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with this statement or not; facts will remain facts. However, it’s up to us how we perceive and use power. We get that a lot of money can be intimidating. If we just clear our heads, we will be able to decide the best possible investment of that money.

Let’s discuss this with an imaginary situation. Suppose you have won the lottery, and unlike more than most of the people, you want to spend that money for the general welfare of where you live, which is supposedly Delhi.

Delhi is the heart and the capital of India. The city is home to millions of people and has been functioning with pride for centuries. It deserves to be taken care of. So, let’s go over the top 10 things you can do in Delhi with a lottery jackpot.

Plant trees with a lottery jackpot

It is not hidden from anyone how badly diseased Delhi is because of pollution. It has been reportedly ranking high on the charts of hazardous air quality index. If it goes on like this, Delhi will have to be shut down forever.

So, plant more and more trees in Delhi with the money that you just won in the lottery. It would be the best thing anyone could do for this city. Buy big lands in crowded places and fill them up with little plants.

Help solve the migrant crisis

Delhi being the capital state of India, is always facing some sort of migrant crisis. People from different states and even surrounding countries come to Delhi in search of work, and many come as refugees too. It is apparent that all of them can’t get everything that they want in this new city. So, they roam around and suffer.

With your jackpot amount, you could help solve the migrant crisis by supporting the immigrants to find proper jobs and a living facility.

Provide child education

Unfortunately, education is a right that many children of Delhi are deprived of. It goes without saying that these children come from below the poverty line. Lack of education puts their future in danger. You could save them by providing them proper education.

The costs of setting up a school are strangely not very high in Delhi. Plus, the problem is calling for an immediate solution.

Install air purifiers at the metro stations

Like we discussed, planting trees is going to do so much for the air and water quality of Delhi but that is a long-term plan. Even if you plant one hundred seeds at a time, you will have to wait for years for them to grow into trees and show their full benefits.

An instant fix for the air pollution that you can implement along with the plantation drive is air purifier installation. You could do this at all metro stations and enjoy cleaner and fresher air in all of Delhi.

Offer shelter to the homeless

If you take a long drive late at night in Delhi, you will be able to come face to face with the horrors of the homeless. They are seen sleeping on the footpaths because they have nowhere else to go. This makes them prone to all sorts of accidents. No one deserves to live like this.

Offering shelter to those homeless people would be a blessed use of your jackpot money.

Empower the underprivileged women

Delhi is full of people. Some are privileged enough to live in mansions and drive luxury cars, and many are so underprivileged that they struggle to make both ends meet. Most of them are women.

You could empower the underprivileged women by firstly providing them proper food and then bringing them a source of income.

Make arrangements for stray animals

Animals suffer incessantly in not just Delhi but all parts of the world. You can’t help them all at once, but you can start with the stray animals of Delhi.

Making arrangements for their food and shelter would bring you immense joy. You could also rescue animals in pain and treat them.

Give healthcare facilities to the poor

Poor people battle with the ones in power to get health care facilities. You could make their lives easier by giving them proper treatments, medicines, and checkups.

Work for the drug problem

Not many know this, but a part of Delhi is secretly facing a major drug problem. Take out your lottery money and work to save Delhi from this horrifying problem.

Clean the slums and promote sanitation

The slums of Delhi could use cleaning and proper sanitation. Distribution of hygiene products like sanitary pads and soaps would save the people living in slums from severe health problems.

So, these were some of the ways in which you can help the capital of India recoup strength to emerge as a paradise for its residents — be it humans or animals.

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