If you Cannot Cut Them, Confuse Them


Even before the mindless marking of trees in the (Delhi) University campus was reported, repeated efforts by the TreesForDelhi action group had ensured that all affected trees should be marked with different colours and that the colour code should be as follows:

  • For trees that will be cut
  • For trees that will be transplanted
  • For trees that will be left unaffected

However, it seems the Government has been following the policy of “If you can’t cut them, confuse them”.

if you can’t cut them, confuse them

The above image was taken (on Sunday, April 29th) from near the Akashvani Bus Stand, right in front of where the PTI News display board has been installed to distract the vehicle drivers – with the Parliament House Annexure in the vicinity. Several trees have been marked here – in the same fashion.

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2 thoughts on “If you Cannot Cut Them, Confuse Them

  1. Reminded me of how in delhi, one organization comes and digs up the road, and then closes it and soon another organization comes and digs up the same road. not related to this..but thats what came to me after seeing this.

  2. Please keep an eye on this and the other trees to find out if they change the label soon. Else the concerned agency can be sued for passing on wrong information to the public.

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