The UK Environment Film Fellowships have been awarded every year since 2005 to Indian environmental filmmakers, to create 12 minute impactful documentaries. Till date, 20 filmmakers have been awarded with these fellowships. Every year, a theme is decided and filmmakers are encouraged to submit proposals for films which depict originality […]

Something about beauty, which is perfection, always touches, moves and inspires people. Judging by the responses to the blog I seem to have done that. I truly appreciate you all, who make that extra effort to share with me how you feel. That is my inspiration to write every week. […]

TARA Livelihood Academy of Development Alternatives, a non-profit organisation established in 1983 creating large scale sustainable livelihoods is organising a Capacity Building Series (2008- 09) on Experiential field based training on Drinking Participatory Planning and Decision Making using – Geographical Information System (GIS). Sustainable development is largely a replication of how people interact […]

Unnati Features and Women’s Features Services invite the youth of India to take the challenge, and be the change! Enter the Mera India, Bridge the Gap contest By 2015, India has pledged to achieve the following eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Achieve universal primary education […]

For a city where 98% of the total annual rainfall pours down in less than a month, planning can never be easy. When the latter is carried out hurriedly as if to meet a certain 2010 target, what can happen is what Delhi is witnessing today. A delayed monsoon that gave up to the changing climate met an infrastructure in the making of a ‘world class city’.

09/09/09 के दिन 09:09 बजे लें यह नौ संकल्प: पर्यावरण को बचाना है, प्रत्येक वर्ष एक पेड़ लगाना है. प्लास्टिक बैग की जगह JUTE या कपडे के बैग का प्रयोग करना है. AC व HEATER का प्रयोग कम से कम करना है. PERSONAL VEHICLES की जगह BUS या TRAIN का […]


Your feedback and suggestions for the Blog are very valuable to me and I appreciate the time and efforts you put in providing them. I am hugely benefited by the feed back not only because it makes me feel good, but also because it gives me clues to the direction […]

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