Center for Climate Justice & Equity is Looking for a Programmes Coordinator

CCJEThe Center for Climate Justice & Equity (CCJE) is a Delhi based non-profit organisation setup with an objective to promote environmental equity and climate justice in an otherwise inequitable world.

Our planet is facing a climate crisis unprecedented in the history of humankind. The crisis is fairly recent and began with the advent of the industrial revolution. The emissions from the so-called “developed” countries have been poisoning our atmosphere for over 200 years. The consequences of these emissions are now becoming apparent and we are living in a world where the shadow of the possibility of an unlivable earth is becoming more and more of a reality.

CCJE is the voice of the grassroots in policy formation and an equity watchdog setup to ensure every citizen gets his fair share in climate change negotiations.

In this regard, CCJE is looking for a young, skillful and passionate candidate for the post of Programmes Coordinator for its Delhi office. The position will be based in Delhi. Candidates with a background in Environmental Studies or a related field will be given preference. Freshers are encouraged to apply.

Interested candidates can apply with an updated CV and a covering letter to

Selected candidates will be called for an interview. Last Date for applying is 10th October, 2009

CCJE is an equal opportunity organisation.

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One thought on “Center for Climate Justice & Equity is Looking for a Programmes Coordinator

  1. Climate Scam: NGO credibility hit a new low. The shame much worse than their Rwandan Genocide culpability

    NGOs have moved from back stage to centre stage in world politics, and are exerting their power and influence in every aspect of international relations and policy making. They have in most part, been a positive force in domestic and international affairs. However, in recent times, various global Climate Justice Networks have popped up. These are platforms mainly constituted and controlled by Northern NGOs.

    We as member of the NGO fraternity or general public seldom research their record of accomplishment; or ask awkward questions on northern NGOs policies; or chase facts behind their claims and publicity spin. One of the most basic questions as we dig deeper is what kind of credentials do these northern NGOs possess to champion justice issues. Simply put – are they committed to principles of justice as portrayed in their carefully cultivated public image?

    If we go back to history, what we find is that they have a chequered past in terms of justice credentials. Rwandan Genocide until now had been regarded as the worst shame of NGO behaviour. This was genocide where an estimated 800,000 were massacred. The nineties saw NGOs soul-searching on such behaviour even as today NGO workers remain mentally scarred of experiences such as Rwanda. Apparently lessons have not been learnt as we find that through their climate advocacy they have not repeating the mistakes of the past but the shame hit a new low.

    Read more:

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