Delhi Monsoon 2010: Come Join Us in Exciting and Fun-filled Interactions with the Rain

The first drops: Monsoon Delhi 2010

The sound of the rain drops tickling and relaxing the mind
The refreshing sweet smell of the wet air after the fall
The dry cleaned green trees and grass soothing the eyes
Cracking silly jokes over tea and its perfect match of pakora
A celebrated way of spending time inside the house

Washing the car as an excuse for getting wet in the rain
Thinking I am too old to play in the rain
While the kids jump and run around the garden
For many it’s a vacation from the heat and the tired city
Buy hundred reasons to enjoy and bath in its bliss

Delhi Monsoon 2010 Logo

The Monsoon countdown has ended as the first drops of the South-west monsoon hit Delhi’s soil and raised excitement among the citizens. As promised, Delhi Greens kicks off its seasonal celebration “Delhi Monsoon 2010” and extends the invitation to all concerned citizens to be a part of the season-wide study on how the city interacts with the Monsoon, relates to its environmental needs and how a balanced development is critical for the welfare of the citizens as well as for winning the battle against the hazards of large scale environmental degradation.

Delhi Greens is excited to announce some of the highlights to be covered during the “Delhi Monsoon 2010” insightful celebrations . The following topics will be discussed and we invite you all to share your opinions, thoughts and tips.

  • Significance of Monsoon
  • Energy saving tips
  • Tips to keep house clean & free from insects/reptiles
  • Health care tips
  • Dos and don’ts during the monsoon
  • How to enjoy the monsoon

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Impuri Shimray

Impuri Shimray is a mass communication professional and is deeply committed towards working for an inclusive and sustainable society.

3 thoughts on “Delhi Monsoon 2010: Come Join Us in Exciting and Fun-filled Interactions with the Rain

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