Waste Marvel Rock Garden’s Creator Nek Chand Frozen in History


If there is something that Chandigarh has that Delhi has always wanted, it is the waste marvel Rock Garden, a garden decorated entirely from waste material. Curated by the visionary Nek Chand in the 1970s, the Rock Garden has been a symbol of reuse and recycle tradition of the Indian sub-continent!


The Rock Garden attracts visitors from around the world and has also been a iconic symbol for promoting responsible waste management.


The founder of the Rock Garden, Padma Shree Awardee Nek Chand passed away in Chandigarh at the age of 90. Born in Pakistan in 1924 and and migrated to India in 1947, Nek Chand’s motto as displayed around the Rock Garden had always been, “There is so much more to do.”


Nek Chand’s vision and foresight has frozen him in time and space, and as a icon for generations to come!

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