..and stop the corruption, and incompetence and what not. The last of the ‘Shera’ is at stake. It is no longer difficult to understand why big projects like the ones meant to save the tiger don’t really work effectively. I am shocked by the collapse of a foot over bridge […]

This post is dedicated to those who are not athletes but concerned citizens whose lives have been impacted by such Games and who often pay the price to watch others play with their rights. The post is also dedicated to the best Indian athletes who seldom get chosen by the selection committee and for whom, competing for the medal is a fight through a corrupt and unresponsive system.

Dragonflies: once abundant across Delhi, are now restricted to few pockets. Known to devour the mosquito larva, they are good malaria inspectors. As the Commonwealth Games are approaching, the city is almost gearing up with the preparations. In the process of making the Games fruitful and a memorable event, various […]

It is raining debates and discussions in the parliament since the Monsoon Session of the Rajya Sabha rolled off. The hottest topic so far has been the upcoming Commonwealth Games 2010 and price hike. The opposition has built strong arguments around CWG and the ongoing constructions have flushed away many […]

With an objective of mobilizing the Delhi youth and involving them under the existing Bhagidari scheme of the Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Chief Minister Shiela Dixit recently launched YouthPortal.in. With “connect for change” as its punchline, the portal is a socio-entrepreneurial venture aiming to connect young ideas for social change through […]

This July, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has taken upon itself the task to clean Delhi city, which is in an excitement rather disturbed state, preparing for the Commonwealth Games 2010. MCD cannot neglect the aesthetic nature of our city and hence the need for necessary beautification. Also, the […]


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