Trees, pavements, markets, people…everything has been ‘uprooted’ or ‘transplanted’ for the CWG 2010 I am in this Monday market in my East Delhi neighbourhood buying vegetables and suddenly all the trader shopkeepers of informal stalls start wrapping up their goods and merchandise on display. I heard a few complains about […]

200 mosquitoes swarmed into our bedroom last night. Some of them also managed to get into our mosquito net which meant a sleepless night. The impact it had on our lives was upsetting and bad tempers. Our local society is complaining that ever since the Delhi Metro work began in […]


You reading the blog with attention and taking time out to comment on it is really awesome. These feedbacks are what creates supportive environment in which I am able to go beyond my personal level of vitality for the blogs. Thank you. Revisiting the Commonwealth Games preparation, only 365 days […]

For a city where 98% of the total annual rainfall pours down in less than a month, planning can never be easy. When the latter is carried out hurriedly as if to meet a certain 2010 target, what can happen is what Delhi is witnessing today. A delayed monsoon that gave up to the changing climate met an infrastructure in the making of a ‘world class city’.


Your feedback and suggestions for the Blog are very valuable to me and I appreciate the time and efforts you put in providing them. I am hugely benefited by the feed back not only because it makes me feel good, but also because it gives me clues to the direction […]

A tree hangs not knowing where to go (and neither able to): an art piece from the 48c Public.Art.Ecology Festival  The summer this year has been unusually–yet predictably–very hot. Hotter than previous Delhi summers in ways more than one: with not just a peak daily hot session but the high heat […]

An earlier blog post dealt with the concept of garbage. The term is a function and reality of man-made systems. The word has existed since the very beginning and is also part of cultural history. The post referred to the term garbage as waste generated from the use of raw […]


Last time we looked at the incredible paced up infrastructure development taking place in Delhi over the recent past in lieu of the Commonwealth Games. We have a new drinking water supply system–Sonia Vihar– providing water to the eastern part of city. We have new sewage system put in place […]

Your time and your attention, is yours and thank you for giving them so generously to the blog and making time to comment on it. Your concern about resources being not appropriately used in our country is well appreciated. The intention of the blog is to be present, to impact […]


  With every passing day the date for the Commonwealth Games hosted by the city is drawing closer. Let us be insight-fully honestly truthful about this incredible speed of physical infrastructure development that is taking place in our city and its impacts on human beings and environment, both positive and […]


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