To McDonalds, Delhi


McDonalds im lovin it im losing itIf you have a friend, relative working in McDonalds, please tell him to read the following.

This is for all the McDonalds operating in and around the capital. I think I speak for many when I say this to the McDonald’s staff , “Guys, If I wanted a McVeggie I would have asked for one. The reason that I have asked for a Veg Surprise is because I WANT to have a Veg Surprise!”

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3 thoughts on “To McDonalds, Delhi

  1. sir/madam,
    i am a 1st yr Btech student.i want a job in McDonalds in delhi.Can u suggest me what are the minn. requirements to get the job?

  2. what will be processer to apply the job in mac donald as a management trainee?plz tell the information regarding it

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