The REAL Question…

development at what cost

Incredible India! India Shining! Or is it that in the glitter of a very small part of this country (with a very high albedo), our eyes have stopped seeing the ‘other’ part of our country? 

India of today is understood to have a very unique status. We, as a nation are developing among the developed and developed among the developing!

Not far from the IncredibleIndia”!”, there is an IncredibleIndia”?”…hungry, unemployed and unsure about its future.

As long as we do not address the issues of this IncredibleIndia”?” I really don’t think we can celebrate IncredibleIndia”!” – morally or otherwise.

Amidst all this, the real question that we must keep asking ourselves is:
Development – at what cost?’

   Writing – on the Walls of NIC – YBP

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