Lovely, clear, warm, winter morning, temperatures in the tweens, a public holiday…. What does an average teenager from a local Basti do, on a day like this in Delhi? To my surprise I found out that he heads out to the local pond or lake. With a loaf of (local […]

“We must look at better management of our forests, which have a wide diversity of flora and fauna including medicinal plants. They can be important in generating social, economic and environmental benefits for the country……. ……India has been impacted by the global environment. However, our economy has the fundamental strength […]

The 80’s was the decade of the ‘Bits and Bytes’ and 90’s was the decade of ‘Bugs and Plants’. 2000 can be seen as the decade of ‘Climate Change.’ While Climate Change is ‘authentic’ but the fear of climate change is ‘in-authentic’-which is stopping us from taking action. We do […]

Climate change is ‘authentic’ but the fear of climate change is ‘in-authentic’ and we seem to be stuck in this ‘fear’. Climate change is happening and it will have impacts. The fear and uncertainty about the impacts of climate change is causing resistance to actions on ground, to translate this […]

Green Gadgets and Core77 invites all to generate outstanding design innovations for greener electronics. Designers are invited to explore the concept of “Greener Gadgets” to create the greenest blueprint solving issues behind energy, carbon footprint, health and toxicity, product lifestyle or social development. Challenge: All you need to do is – Make a […]

I talked about IPCC‘s contribution in converting the fear of failure of cities as a ‘some day not now’ phenomenon into a right here right now reality. What does this reality look like for our city of Delhi, no doubt a mega city. Delhi NCR region generates solid waste to the tune […]

“To 100 different people a small little thing appears different. Well that’s diversity of human perception.” Being free in winter vacations, I thought of volunteering for 48°C – ‘Delhi’s First Public Art Ecology Festival’ (of which Delhi Greens was a partner) and had varied experiences which I penned down to […]


Delhi’s Last Two Vultures at the National Museum of Natural History Wish you all a Happy ‘Green and Blue’ New Year. Why focus on an environment friendly new year or specifically, what are we dealing with when we talk of climate change? At a very basic level it is ‘Fear […]

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