Protesting Against 1000 Trees Being Cut in DU

students protesting cutting of trees in du 

From the pages of Metro Now on World Environment Day, 2007.

Update: University Environment Study Project

We have collected considerable data on the ambient Environment of Delhi University’s Science Faculty (till the Ring Road ~ Project Area). The data is now being analyzed and compiled to be released in the form of a report shortly.

Preliminary investigation suggests that any significant change in the land use of the Campus and/or its surroundings may cause an irreversible change in the ambience of the University Environment and lead to several problems. Besides, the cutting of trees will lead to a loss of biodiversity within the campus and affect its lively and inviting appeal.

We will thus do all that is in our capacity (and even more) to see to it that this message gets across to the authorities before they take any decision.

news clipping metro now

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