Save This Sadhu from Sacrificing His Life for River Ganga

What does River Ganga mean to you? For most people, it is a holy river where one can take a dip to wash away the sins. For some other people, it is a source of fresh water and nutrition that sustains millions of people living on either side of its banks.

And then, there is Sant Aatmabodhanandji, who believes that River Ganga is the holiest of the holy rivers which sustains us all. And that one must be ready to even lay down his life, for the protection and conservation for the sacred River Ganga.

That is what Sant Aatmabodhanandji now has in mind, since Government action is too little and getting too late for the protection of River Ganga. All of 26 years of age, Sant Aatmabodhanand has been on a continuous fast since 24 October 2018 for the noble cause of free flow of River Ganga.

Once a student of Computer Science, he took sanyas at the age of 22 years under the aegis of saint Shivanandji of Matri Sadan and dedicated his life for the cause of free flow of River Ganga.

Sant Aatmabodhanandji began his fast after the death of Swami Sanandji (Prof. G. D. Agrawal) who gave up his life after 111 days of continuous fast for the same cause. Sant Aatmabodhanandji demands from the Government are to fulfill the resolution of Swami Sanandji and to keep River Ganga incessant, serene and free flowing.

The main demand of Sant Aatmabodhanandji at present is that the under-construction upstream hydroelectric projects of Singholi-Bhatwari, Tapovan-Vishnugad and Vishnugad-Pipalkoti should be stopped immediately. This will help ensure a free flow of water in the course of River Ganga and will help rejuvenate its mystical healing powers.

Help save Sant Aatmabodhanandji by helping him achieve his demands by signing this letter to the Government of India and to the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand.

Sant Aatmabodhanandji is not the first Sadhu from the Matri Sadan Ashram to go on a fast unto death for River Ganga. In the past, we have already lost at least two spiritual souls to the cause of protecting River Ganga. These relentless and selfless efforts have made the Government of India decide not to construct any new hydroelectric projects or dams on River Ganga. River Ganga has also been declared the National River of India.

Click on the link above (or click here) to sign the letter of your support to the cause of protecting and conserving River Ganga. Your support will help us convince the Government for free flowing Ganga and will help save the life of Sant Aatmabodhanandji.

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